About Us

IBeauty is a new marketing model for online systems that promotes and sells your beauty care products/services to everyone.

Let everyone buy, share the link to your friend or social media audiences.

The operation mode of "Share2Earn" is designed in the Ibeauty Mall system.

When a product is shared with other social media, anyone who joins this sales platform by clicking this link will receive a share bonus of *2%-10%.

This bonus will be tied to the Sharer for 365 days!

In addition, any purchases you receive are *4-10% of the Consumer Rewards bonus Buy2Save.

*Depends on the product's share mechanism and monthly total share performance (*Share2Earn's account is tied for 365 days, and the sharer needs to keep a minimum monthly purchase of RM100)

Ibeauty can be sold in skin care, beauty, hairdressing, nail art, makeup, cosmetics, health products, nutrition, voucher, gifts and hamper, etc...

To be a savvy woman, to engage in micro-business, to sell beauty care products, it is as simple as joining Ibeauty!

For more information, please contact 0109808490 or email merchant@i-beauty.com.my For merchants or seller :
Fill in https://form.jotform.me/82622296284462 online

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#Ibeauty #buybeautyproduct #buyhealthproduct #share2earn #buy2earn #Ivoucher #vouchersolution #buyvoucher #sellvoucher