Ginseng Energy Essence 人参精华液 12ml

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Three-in-one function: • Firming • Whitening • Moisturizing It can be used as a toner or as an all-weather moisturizing spray. Contains plant-based amino acids that provide immediate moisturizing properties to keep your skin hydrated. Contains natural seaweed extract to firm skin and prevent aging. Contains arbutin to make skin white and fair.三合一功能: • 紧肤 • 美白 • 保湿 可以当作爽肤水,亦能 当作全天候的保湿喷雾 剂。含植物性的氨基酸, 可给予即刻的保湿功能, 保持肌肤的水份充足。 含天然海藻精华,能紧 实肌肤,防止老化。含 熊果素,可使肤色白皙、 衡匀。

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