IT'S CLEAN 3 In 1 Laundry Capsule 25pods/1box (Detergent Pod) 3合1 洗衣胶囊 25颗/1盒

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The convenient design of the "IT'S CLEAN 3 In 1 Laundry Capsule" are easy to use and keep. Each pod combine with detergent, softerner and fragrance. With the concentrated detergent formula, each 13g of pod = 100g of other brand detergent. High tech import water-soluble membrane, dissolve in water without residue, result in the clean and fresher-smelling laundry. ✅Easy to use ✅Remove 99% of bacteria ✅8 times cleaning power ✅Effective remove stains and fabric protection ✅High-pressure resistant, durable pods ✅Child safety lock, prevent children from opening directly How to use: 1. Handle pod with completely dry hand. Toss pod into the drum. 2. Then, add your armful of laundry. 3. Next, choose your wash cycle and start.

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