Ginseng Beauty Cream 人参美容膏(高级) 3ml

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Three-in-one function: • Skin Care - Contains ginseng, which promotes blood circulation and cell regeneration, enhances skin protection and anti-aging properties. It is suitable for sensitive or aging skin, or foraging skin to resist skin aging. • Treatment - whiten skin, dilute melanin. It can also treat acne and restore skin radiance. • Makeup / Sunscreen - can replace the foundation to make you look smooth and delicate. It can also be used as a sunscreen.三合一功能: • 护肤 - 含人参,能促进 血液循环及细胞再生, 增强肌肤保护及抗老 化功能。 适用于敏感 或老化肌肤,或于年 轻肌肤以抗肌肤老化。 • 治疗 - 美白肌肤, 淡 化黑色素.亦能治疗暗 疮, 使皮肤回复光彩. • 化妆 / 防晒 - 可以代 替粉底,使你看起来 柔滑娇嫩。也可当作 防晒霜。

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