Ginseng Cleansing Powder 人参洁面粉末 (21g) 50ml

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Five-in-one function: • Remove dead skin cells; • Whitening; • Metabolism; • Blood circulation; • Firm skin. It is suitable for all kinds of skin, does not contain soap or shell, through the herbal extract, biologically deep cleansing, fine particles thoroughly clean pores and block the skin, and gently massage the skin.五合一功能:• 去除死角质层 ; • 美白; • 新陈代谢; • 血液循环; •紧实肌肤。 适用于各种肌肤,不含皂末或果壳,透过草药精华,生物化地做深层 洁面,微细的粒子彻底 清洁毛孔阻塞物,亦轻 轻按摩皮肤。

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