Prohibited Products



Prohibited Products

Tobacco and nicotine products

  1. Cigarettes including kretek and cigars
  2. E-cigarettes (including liquids, kits, atomisers, tanks, mods and other accessories)
  3. Tobacco or herb grinder

Pharmaceutical products

  1. Pharmaceutical products containing substances banned by the Ministry of Health
  2. Unregistered pharmaceutical products (where such products require registration)

Medical devices

  1. Unregistered medical devices
  2. HIV test kits


  1. Toys without Malaysian Conformity (MC) mark
  2. Realistic replicas of guns and accessories


  1. Guns and accessories
  2. Paintball guns
  3. Airsoft guns
  4. Blaster guns and slingshots
  5. Knives longer than 7.6 cm (3 inches)
  6. Swords

Coin and currency

Includes bitcoin and e-currency

Alcoholic drinks

Wine, beer, champagne and other spirits


Foods claiming medical or health benefits not allowed by the Ministry of Health

Products infringing a third party’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Replicas, counterfeits or pirated versions of an original product

Adult products

Adult toys or lingerie which depict genitalia, use explicit language/content in product listing

Telecommunications equipment

Non-standard or non-certified telecommunications equipment, which do not comply with technical and safety requirements

Electric and electronics equipment

Non-standard or non-certified electric and electronics equipment, which do not comply with technical and safety requirements

Halal products

Non-halal products or services which use the “halal” sign unlawfully

Financial products

Products and services requiring licence from Bank Negara such as insurance, unit trust, stockbroking, FOREX trading and loans

Other items prohibited by law

  1. Uniforms of police and armed forces
  2. Items that promote violence, racism, hatred or offends religious beliefs
  3. Unlawful multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes or pyramid schemes