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There must be merchants who has been trying to follow up the customers,
But when it comes to the last step for Payment,
There just happens to be no suitable payment method,

Which ultimately causes the customer to cancel our precious order?

If there are customers who are from Singapore or any other countries,

Which the [payment method] may not be able to meet their requirements,
This makes it difficult to collect the money, doesn't it?

IB e-commerce has provided
The [payment link] setting which is more convenient and faster

There are up to 10online payment methods and

0 Registration fees,
0 interest installment payment plan are provided to the merchants,
Which helps to improve the entire online payment issues!

If you want to know more about it, then you must scroll down.
We believe your problems will be solved!

6 major features of IB e-commerce

Exclusive Online Store Link

Each merchant will have different store positioning, product positioning, etc. Each link for every merchant’s online store will be different. This will make it easier for the customers to reach you through the link and make their orders in your online store,and even take a look at your products and get a better understanding of the products on your online store.

Online Store Performance Report

Merchants can check the business performance of the merchant in the IB e-commerce online store by phone or computer.

Check the Stock Quantity of the Product

When the goods are sold, the system will automatically update the stock quantity , so the merchants will know when you have to replenish or restock your products, and this will help the merchants to manage and check the status of the stock effectively.

Up to 10 Online Payment Methods

Through an exclusive payment link, QR CODE scan code or online store channel, your customers will have more than 10 online payment methods for them to choose in order to transfer to the merchant based on their usual online payment method.

Simply Set Up Your Payment Link

Through the phone or computer, you can simply generate the payment link for the customer in order to complete the final online payment for the product.

Super-low Payment Cash Flow Rake

We provide merchants with [0 interest installment payment] service,therefore your customers are able to choose the online payment method that they are afforded, and at the same time to increase your closing rates with your customers efficiently.

Merchant Registration Operation Video

  • Register an Account
  • List the Product
  • Establish a Payment Link
  • Share the Payment Link with the Customer
  • Payment Completed (will be Completed in 7 days)

Online Payment Methods

MPV Payment Link

Direct Payment

0 Interest Installment Payment Plan

Case Testimonials

Simple and convenient, a variety of online payment methods for you to choose,
zero interest installment payment, highly improve the transaction rate

Ms.Fiona bought a set of [LAE Active Water] worth RM3,300 on IBeauty platform.

Ms.Carres has bought a box of Ereform worth RM128 and a set of [Immuni 3 bundle] worth RM424 on IBeauty platform

Mr.Jimmy has bought two boxes of [Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee] worth RM320 on IBeauty platform

No registration fee is required

Just a few simple steps are required to set up the payment method,
lets increase the transaction rate between you and your customers

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Up to 10 online payment methods for every single transaction, with transaction fees as low as 2.5%

installment payment plan are provided (5% for 2 months installments,
6% for 3 months installments, 9% for 6 months installments)